The Benefits and Importance of Regular Pet Grooming

Taking time out of your schedule to regularly groom your pet can be a huge commitment, but it has a lot more benefits for you and your pet than just keeping their appearance neat and tidy. By keeping your pet well-groomed, you can have a large impact on their health and well-being. Whether you decide to take them to a professional pet groomer or groom your pet yourself from home, we have compiled some of the top benefits of ensuring that your pet is groomed regularly. 

What to Expect From Your Puppy or Kitten’s First Exam

Getting a puppy or kitten is an exciting time for everyone in your family. Once you’ve got them settled in, one of your first priorities should be taking them for their first exam with your veterinarian. However, if this is your first pet, or you’ve not taken an animal for an introductory veterinary visit before, you may be wondering what to expect.

Heartworm Prevention for Pets

Heartworm is a severe disease in pets that can have lethal consequences if not treated. Cases have been reported in all 50 states, but infections seem to be most prevalent in the country’s moist, humid regions. Heartworm primarily affects dogs. However, it can also infect other mammals, such as cats and ferrets. Sadly, the average life span of untreated pets infected with heartworm is between five and seven years in dogs and about two or three years in cats.

At-Home End-of-Life Care for Pets

Pets rely on their owners for virtually everything. This becomes increasingly true when the pet’s life is nearing the end. Most pet owners will agree that ensuring that their beloved pets' last days are peaceful is important. No one wants to act when in a crisis, and it is essential to prepare well for the final days. 

Why Pet Wellness Exams Are Important

A pet wellness exam is a medical examination where the pet receives a comprehensive physical checkup. The exams are usually scheduled annually, and the pet does not have to be sick to get the exam. The exams can help in the early detection of diseases and ensure that your pet is in good health. It is important to realize that most animal diseases can be prevented through early detection. 

Pet Dental Health Evaluation and Preventative Care

Regular pet dental health evaluations and proper preventative care is the best way to protect the wellbeing of your furbaby. 

Importance of Microchipping

When you brought your pet home, you knew you needed to take care of the basics, such as vaccinations and heartworm prevention. You need to add another item to that list, though. Microchipping is an important part of caring for your pet. This electronic chip provides lots of benefits to pet parents. Let’s go over some of the reasons you need to microchip your pet.

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