Importance of Microchipping

When you brought your pet home, you knew you needed to take care of the basics, such as vaccinations and heartworm prevention. You need to add another item to that list, though. Microchipping is an important part of caring for your pet. This electronic chip provides lots of benefits to pet parents. Let’s go over some of the reasons you need to microchip your pet.


Permanent Identification


You might have a customized collar that includes your pet’s name and your phone number. You hope that if your pet gets separated from you, someone will find him, see the collar, and call you. Then you can pick up your furry friend and bring him back home.

Unfortunately, collars aren’t permanent identification systems. Collars fade over time, and that makes it hard to read the identifying information. Also, collars can fall off, and if that happens, the person who finds your companion won’t know who to call.

Microchips are permanent identification systems. They don’t wear out, fade, or get misplaced, so if your pet gets lost, he can be reunited with you.


It Could Save a Life


Lost animals don’t always end up in the hands of individuals. Sometimes, they find themselves in shelters. This is terrifying for them, and depending on the type of shelter, they could be euthanized if they’re not adopted. Microchipping your pet prevents this. The shelter staff checks to see if pets are microchipped before putting them up for adoption. That means you’ll be reunited with your little buddy soon after he goes missing.


Proof That Your Pet Is Yours


It’s awful to think about, but some people steal pets. If you just use an ID collar, the thief will remove it, and then you’ll have a hard time providing proof your pet is yours. A microchip provides irrefutable proof that your pet is part of your family. Once the chip is scanned, the vet can read all the identifying information and will know that you’re the pet parent. While you certainly hope you never have a dog or cat thief in the neighborhood, it does happen, and this will protect you and your pet.


Keep Other Animals Out of Your Home


Did you know that microchips can even keep other animals out of your home if you use a doggie door? Some manufacturers create microchips that work with dog doors. The dog door reads the microchip and opens it. When an animal without microchip approaches, the door doesn’t open. If you’re afraid of squirrels and other animals helping themselves to the doggie door, this is a huge benefit.


You Don’t Need to Visit the Vet to Get a Microchip


Are you too busy to pack your pet up and head to the vet? You know you need to get him microchipped, but it’s just too hard to fit into your schedule.

Home Sweet Home is a mobile vet. Instead of visiting the vet, just call (972) 694-0920, and the vet will come to your North Texas location. Then you can enjoy the peace of mind of having your pet microchipped.

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