Why Pet Wellness Exams Are Important

A pet wellness exam is a medical examination where the pet receives a comprehensive physical checkup. The exams are usually scheduled annually, and the pet does not have to be sick to get the exam. The exams can help in the early detection of diseases and ensure that your pet is in good health. It is important to realize that most animal diseases can be prevented through early detection. 


Benefits of Preventive Care


The value of preventive care cannot be overstated. Research has shown that cases of preventable diseases in pets have continued to increase. This is happening at a time when visits to the vet have continued to decline. Preventive care is essential for both humans and animals. Early intervention can help ensure that pets remain healthy while preventing future health complications. Wellness exams will help determine the health of your pet.


How Often Is the Exam Needed?


When considering how often a pet will need wellness exams, you need to factor in the animal breed and size. Pets age faster than humans. Typically, a pet ages 5 to 7 years every calendar year and has an average life span of about 14 years. A 7-year-old dog has aged as much as a 35-year-old person. For effective preventive care, pets should receive annual wellness exams. Pets over the age of 9 years should be examined twice a year.


What Happens During the Exam?


Several things occur during the wellness exam. The vet will begin the exam by asking about the pet’s medical history and lifestyle. Tests will then be given to check the pet’s pulse, temperature, and respiration rates. This information is recorded, and the pet’s weight will also be taken. The vet will perform a thorough head-to-tail examination, checking the health of the mouth, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, abdomen, heart, lungs, and musculoskeletal system.


Results of the Evaluation


During the wellness examination, the vet will assess the pet’s health and begin treatment as needed. The vet will make some recommendations regarding the pet’s health, including advice on nutritional habits, dental care, behavioral tips, and pain management. Required vaccinations will often be administered during the exam. The vaccinations given will depend on the pet’s lifestyle and vaccination history. 


Why Wellness Exams Are Important


Wellness exams are crucial for pets. Most animals are genetically wired to hide signs of illness. A routine wellness exam will help detect a host of preventable diseases. Issues like obesity, dental diseases, and ear infections can be addressed. Early screening will often be carried out for conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and kidney disease. Visiting the vet clinic will allow your vet to get to know your pet well. It also helps to monitor any ongoing health issues. 


It is essential to start taking your pet to the vet while it is still young. Taking a healthy animal to the vet may seem counterproductive. However, prevention is always better than a cure. Taking your pet to the vet for wellness exams will keep it healthy for the long term.


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