Welcome to Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home offers excellent mobile veterinary services to make sure that your pets are always happy and healthy. With the exception of surgical procedures, we provide a range of veterinary services for dogs and cats by offering house calls in Dallas and surrounding communities.


We offer in-home wellness exams, diagnostic testing, and other routine medical care for minor illnesses and injuries like allergies, ear and eye infections, minor wounds, urinary tract infections and more!

Our Reviews

Twyla P.
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Wonderful service! Kind, caring, and knowledgeable staff!
Carla G.
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I would like to express my gratitude to you guys for coming all the way out to an area you probably never visit due to distance and I could not have asked for better care, you guys were able to catch my cat and provide the care she needed...I give you 5 stars and would recommend you highly!!! Thank you so much!
Katie B.
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They took such good care of my Leo!! Highly recommend
Roya1234 none $50 off house call (normally $150)